© by Egelnick & Webb / Direction Patrick Lindblom / Art Direction Toby Egelnick & Malcolm Webb / Executive Producers William Tempest & Deborah Lyons / Fashion Design William Tempest / Shoe Design Deborah Lyons / Model Amber Le Bon / Director of Photography Daniel Simm / Editor Marcus McSweeney / Styling Carmen Borgonovo / Screenplay Jessica Bumpus / Casting Direction Jessica Harrison / Hair Tim Furssedonn / Makeup Lan Nguyen / Original Score Paul Farringdon / Special Thanks to Moby / Fashion Supervisor Akosua Afriyie-Kumi / Wardrobe Assistant Averil Blakely / Makeup-Assistant Kelly Mendiola / DOP Assistants Lucy Evens, Mattias Bjorklund / Gaffer Bernie Prentice / Production Assistants Neil Hickson, Dani Rahimzadeh / Very Special Thanks to The Body Shop, Toni&Guy, Models 1, Tim Soar, Miriam Lyons, David Thomas

William Tempest and luxury footwear label Mechante of London joined forces at The May Fair Hotel to unveil their Autumn/Winter 2011/12 collections in »Dia Anna«, a short film art directed by Egelnick and Webb.

For Autumn/Winter 2011/12 both designers focus on a shared inspiration with their collections taking on a sinister and more gothic feel being inspired by witchcraft, the occult and the macabre. With a shared British heritage and a dedicated approach to craftsmanship William Tempest and Deborah Lyons of Mechante of London are a complimentary pair, the creation of »Dia Anna« continuing the collaboration between the brands.

This season William Tempest’s alternative yet timeless style combines his signature structural elements alongside tailoring and femininity. Key pieces in the collection include dramatic sculptural coats in a William Tempest floral tapestry fabric, leather biker jackets juxtaposed against full-length washed silk dresses, and panelling on garments inspired by the crinoline. The colours used are feminine yet dark with cherry, blood red, nudes and black forming the base of the palette.

As with every season the Mechante of London range is fiercely feminine, combining a mix of luxurious textiles, exotic leathers and metals. Key pieces include laser-cut and panelled peep-toes with vampire-cape inspired heels made in patent and python skins, and directional yet elegant laser-cut wedges. This is the darkest collection we have seen from Mechante of London to date with the colour palette a mix of reds, purples, earthy tones and black.

The short film »Dia Anna« further develops the global awareness of both brands via online media. Directed by Patrick Lindblom, art directed by Egelnick and Webb and starring Amber Le Bon, it features the designers’ creations in an ethereal, eerie and magical world and is based on the persecution of witches throughout the 17th Century.

»The persecution of witches was rife between 1450 and 1750. Reports suggest that 200.000 people were accused of witchcraft in Europe at this time. Of them, 100.000 were executed and 80% to 85% were women. To be a witch was to have a pact with the devil.

The test to prove such a relationship was resolved by the ›Swimming Test‹, a method employed by 17th Century witch hunter Matthew Hopkins. It was thought that a witch, as a servant of the devil, could not drown – a renouncement of her baptism.

Hands and feet were tied together and the accused plunged into water. To float was to be guilty and condemned. To sink was to be innocent but lost. Either way, the witch was a victim.«



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