This Amsterdam Fashion Week, designer Antoine Peters presented his new collection titled »THE WORLD IS FLAT« in an unusual way, by launching a pop-song and pop-video on Diane Pernet's legendary »A Shaded View On Fashion« blog. The summer collection is inspired by the pop-culture, designer clothes wearing pop-artists and a individual progressive view on fashion presentations. But most of all it's a playful and elegant collection, with Peters' characteristic self-proclaimed ›one size fits all elegance‹.

The collection consists out of ›shuffled‹ pieces of clothing and a sky-high coloring-page, of flat pin-ups which are colored in with make-up, as a print. The line is executed in comfortable fabrics and flattering silhouettes which can be worn in different ways.

Peters came up with the idea for a 2D presentation because of the ›flat‹ pop-culture which he so much appreciates, his love for graphic silhouettes and his need for reaching a bigger and international audience in a more efficient and progressive way.

The pop-video is a reaction on the trend of pop-artists who wear high-end designer clothes, like Beyonce or Lady Gaga. A trend that Peters for once turns around to merge together fashion, music and video in an ultimate way. At the same time he is questioning the exclusivity of fashion (presentations) and the purpose of traditional catwalk-shows. And also anticipates upon the influence, speed and reach of the internet and blogs, which offer new opportunities to the next generation of fashion designers.

Antoine Peters »Pop-artists wear designer clothes more and more. Their videos even sort of look like fashion shows. Take Kylie Minogue, Beyonce or Lady Gaga for example, and often they even start their own clothing line also. I liked the idea of appropriating this trend and turn it around! To be a fashion designer with designer clothes who creates his own song and music video! And yes, I'm even taking care of some vocals!«

Peters is synonymous for optimism, a smile. A world where everything is possible and everybody is the same; »THE WORLD IS FLAT«. The theme is visible, literally and figuratively, in all the layers of the collection. Like the dimensional silhouettes and draperies which came into being out off a play with shapes and proportions whit-in flat patterns. The print for this collection is a enormous coloring-page, which because of being fragmented randomly ›fills in‹ every piece of clothing and makes it one-of-a-kind. As for the shoes, made in cooperation with Jelske Peterson and head-pieces by Eva Nip, which look as if cutout straight from the coloring-page.

»Even the coloring-page fits within the theme, content-wise. I translated the 3D wearer of the clothes into ›flat‹ 2D pin-ups, inspired by vintage Vargas drawings. Then the page was colored by what most people think of ›superficial‹ make-up. When blown-up these colors and structures have an amazing effect!«

Despite the distinct character the clothes are surprisingly wearable. Unusual combinations of jersey, jogging and satin make the line between day-wear and evening-wear fade away. A style which Peters describes as ›one-size-fits-all-elegance‹. Most of the pieces can be worn and tailored in multiple ways. The lengths of skirts and sleeves are well thought off and almost every item is also available in the colour cursed by Peters, black!

»But I gave the black pieces a bit of colour anyway, somewhere subtle in a facing or as a button covering. And all the garments have my characteristic smile-stitch on the back, which is achieved by stitching through the label on the inside«. Antoine Peters



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